Common habits draining your bank account

Emma Nunes-Vaz
September 12, 2022

The coming months are expected to be extremely difficult on our finances, which coupled with the money saving tips being fed to us requiring us to lower our quality of life, things are feeling pretty bleak😢. However, we’ve curated a list of some small changes you can make that might not seem like large savings right now, but will definitely add up in the future; as well as not asking you to sacrifice things that make you happy! 

Paying for streaming services you don’t use

Streaming service subscriptions start to add up quickly, especially with Netflix’s costs on the rise. If you’re paying for Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV etc… consider whether all of them are necessary to support your regular TV habits. What’s more, don’t forget to take advantage of their free trials - but also remember to set a reminder to cancel them once it’s over!

Not using loyalty cards

If places you shop at all the time offer you extra discounts or free products, take as much advantage of this as you can! Get a stamp every time you go to your favourite cafe, bring your own cup to Starbucks, whip out those Boots and Tesco rewards cards… all of these are easy ways to spend less each day daily - without sacrificing the things that make you happy!

Wasting energy

Little actions can make a big impact when it comes to energy expenses. Turning the lights off when you leave a room, only boiling as much water in the kettle as you actually need are two great examples. To keep track of your avoidable outgoings, consider getting a smart metre installed in your home.

Snack habits

Trust us, we’re not here to shame anyone for snacking, but instead of stopping by the store each day to pick up your fave snack, plan ahead and pick up multipacks!  While you’re at it... buy a refillable water bottle instead of spending on plastic ones, which is great for the environment too!

Ditching your change

Change can be cumbersome, but it also adds up. Instead of throwing it to the bottom of your bag (we’re guilty🙋‍♀️) try saving coins in a jar and periodically bringing it to your local bank.

Using random ATMs

If you need cash, be wary of using another bank’s ATM as this can come with huge transaction fees. If you need cash, stop at your own bank and take out enough to last you for a while. This is also a great tip to keep in mind whilst travelling!

Although a short list that doesn’t seem like much, making these small changes can save you a lot of money in the long run; as we like to say - #ActNowSaveLater. You’ll also be able to save money easily by signing up to Incredible, where we’re able to reduce your interest fees by optimising your debt repayments, saving you time and money😎. Plus, it won’t stop you from doing the things you enjoy, so it’s truly a win-win. There’s also just under a week left to enter our referral competition, where you could win up to £1000 towards your debt repayment! Click here to find out more…

Source: Cosmopolitan

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