Debt Diaries

Announcing our new series: Debt diaries

Emma Nunes-Vaz
January 16, 2024

Here at Incredible, we're all about opening up the conversation around debt in hopes of making it less scary and what better way than hearing the stories of the people behind our incredible community?

Introducing, Debt Diaries. A simple, judgement-free, anonymous way to share a debt story close to your heart. From your biggest spending regret to a funny story. We'll be posting one submission every week across our website blog as well as on our Instagram. We all know that human nature is to be inquisitive and curious, so we're hoping this platform allows people to feed that curiosity but at the same time hopefully relate and identify themselves in others' deepest, darkest debt secrets 👀

Talking about debt can be terrifyingly scary. But we see a future where that's a thought of the past, but change doesn't happen on its own. By contributing to this series, you're not only facing your own worries, but you'll also be part of a wider movement in helping others face their fears and start tackling their own debt demons.

We appreciate sharing a personal story about debt is never an easy thing to do so we’re also going to reward a cash prize to the submission that has the most impact every month. All you have to do is include your Instagram handle or email address so that we are able to identify who you are and contact you about your win!

Irrespective of whether you're seeing this as an opportunity to express yourself in a judgement-free, anonymous space or just feeding that curiosity of seeing into other people's lives, we hope this series can help in one way or another. Whether it's starting your journey out of debt today or simply being able to have a conversation with a friend about a diary entry that you feel a real affinity with. We look forward to reading your story.

If you'd like to submit your own debt confession, please click here