Debt Diaries

Debt diary 017

January 16, 2024

🎂  Age?


🌎  Location?

Derry (Northern Ireland)

🫥  Source ?

@derry_debtfree_girl (naming on request)

💸  Debt balance?


👂 What will you be sharing?

Spending regret story

📖  What would you like to share?

Everyone told me to take a car out on finance that it would help my credit rating, the interest was 12.9% 🫠

Never ever again!

Once I found the debt free community on Instagram and started educating myself I got it paid off as quick as possible and will never ever buy a depreciating vehicle on high interest finance again!

❓ What happened for you to be in your current debt situation?

Listening to other’s opinions on how to spend my money when they don’t have any knowledge on how money works