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10 Personal finance accounts to follow

Emma Nunes-Vaz
January 16, 2024

There are hundreds upon hundreds of accounts within this space and this list is only a snippet of what you can find out there but we’d be here for a LIFETIME if we listed every. single. one. Instead, we’ve chosen 10 that stand out to us but for even more accounts, check out who we follow on Instagram as well as the content that we share via our stories where you can discover even more accounts. 

1. @howifundthis

Ok, we might be biased with this one but Jessie, the face behind howifundthis, is one of the loveliest people we’ve met and although she writes a monthly blog for us (check out our most recent blog with her here (read it here), she also produces GREAT content for her followers. Whether it’s her unique graphics sharing her top tips or the reels she creates herself, she makes content for anyone and everyone, no matter your level of knowledge.

2. @myfrugalyear

Clare Seal is smashing it in the personal finance space, not only has she been through the trials and tribulations of debt herself, she now aims to educate her community through vulnerable thought pieces on her grid, adorable photos of her newborn as well as hilarious memes. She is the whole package so check out her page if you don’t follow her already if you want to get started on your personal finance journey or are already on your journey to financial freedom.

3. @breakingthedebtcycle

Breaking the debt cycle’s community of nearly 100k, which she has built from sharing her honest account of her struggles with debt (just to highlight she has already cleared £15k of debt so far!) is why it was an obvious choice to include her in this list. She is learning about personal finance along with her audience and this is why her following is so big…authenticity. We’ll continue supporting you from the sidelines @breakingthedebtcycle!

4. @thebankengine

Not only is Thomas the bank engine deserving of a spot in this list because of his reminiscent name of a beloved childhood show, his account (and colour scheme might we add) is extremely helpful for those that want to learn more about the world of money and managing it most effectively. His detailed captions that accompany each of his posts simplify personal finance concepts in a user-friendly way and we love him for it. Choo choo! Personal finance king coming through! 🚂

5. @savingmoneybish

Demi (aka @savingmoneybish) is a savvy personal finance queen who posts a mixture of reels (which we LOVE) and helpful graphics breaking down topics ranging from her personal goals within the personal finance space or budgeting methods. Her page is the whole package. Not only does she aim to educate her community, but she also includes her struggles with budgeting and opening up about finances.

6. @moneysavvymumuk

Ambrina, aka @moneysavvymumuk, is the mother of personal finance accounts. Not only has she appeared on TV (!!) she has also created helpful budgeting spreadsheets for her community to help them kickstart their journey to better money management. Her most common posts are all about ‘top tips for…’ as well as ‘budget-friendly…’ and we love her authentic stories as she goes about her daily life, posting polls as she asks for opinions on what she is experiencing in real-time.

7. @moneysavingjen

We only came across Jen’s account recently, and boy do we love it. Not only has she cleared over £15k in debt but she documents every step, reflecting on the lessons she has learnt and mentioning information from her personal life (rent, job earnings etc). Her fun, pink aesthetic makes her page look super friendly and we ALWAYS look forward to her debt repayment updates - you’ve got this Jen!

8. @mrmoneyjar

Timi from @mrmoneyjar is killing it in the financial education space, with his multiple appearances on the BBC as well as Sky News and ITV, his wealth of knowledge and abundance of video content makes his page an informal source for all things personal finance. He posts great explanations of news announcements, whether it’s from the Government or general updates on awareness days. He makes sure his followers are informed about it all.

9. @lookingafteryourpennies

Charlotte, who is the face behind the @lookingafteryourpennies profile is a financial educator, aiming to teach her followers how to take control of their finances. Her qualifications are clear within her informative posts and her grid aesthetic is just 🤩. Whether it’s her posts about how to reach your goals or her personal opinions on traditional money themes (check out her post on ‘What financial freedom means to me’, it's a personal favourite) her page is a great source of knowledge.

10. @mrdealsmanchester

Last, but certainly not least, the proof is in the name. He is number 1 at finding the best deals around (not only in Manchester!). Paul, the man behind the @mrdealsmanchester posts flash deals and his followers love him for it. Whether it’s the latest freebies or discount codes, he is one of the first to inform his community and we love his reel style of talking to the camera.