An Incredible day with howifundthis

Emma Nunes-Vaz
January 16, 2024

We had the pleasure of spending the day with Jessie (aka howifundthis) a couple of weeks ago during her visit to London. We discussed Incredible’s plans, her own future plans and ate our body weight in Malaysian food (you guys have to try ‘Laksa’ in Farringdon!🍜).

Jessie (left) pictured with Yas (right) and our app interface

Jessie arrived and met some of our team after her long commute to our office. We hung out for a little to get to know one another and discussed a rough plan for the day to see if there was anything Jessie was especially excited for us to cover. Our CEO, Yas, then took Jessie through our business deck to give her a deeper insight into us, the reason why we exist and our ambition for the future of redefining peoples’ relationship with debt. We followed this up with an open Q&A where Jessie was able to ask any burning questions she’d built up from our time interacting together over the prior months.

Then the most important part of the day: Lunch

Lunch was great, it gave us some time to chat about topics other than work and also a chance for us to get to know Jessie more, beyond the incredible work she does as @howifundthis. It was fascinating learning about Jessie’s upbringing and her own habits with money and how it's a working progress of her own. With food comas having been entered, we walked back to the office re-energized and ready for the afternoon ahead: revealing the app to Jessie. Jessie was keen to see what we’d built and her reactions did not disappoint.

From left to right: Emma (Community & Marketing Executive), Jessie (@howifundthis), Yas (CEO & Co-founder), Martin (Software engineer)

As Yas walked Jessie through the app, Jessie let her curiosity run free by asking questions and giving feedback - which was incredible-y useful! As part of the walkthrough we covered some of the core features like:

  • Calculator, giving you the power to see into the future and how changing your payments influences your time and cost in debt
  • Insights, allowing you to not only see your debts in one place but also how your payments to those debts are split between paying it off and paying interest making it super easy to see where there’s an opportunity for savings with smart payments
  • Roundups, offer you the ability to round up your everyday transactions to turn your daily spending into daily savings, Incredipay, makes life easy and stress-free by making a single payment to us, and we make sure your debts get paid on time and in the most efficient way   

We can’t thank Jessie enough for visiting and giving up her time to help us further develop the app. We can’t wait to see you again soon, whether to showcase some more features or eat our body weight in a different cuisine.