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How you can help during the Cost of Living Crisis

Emma Nunes-Vaz
January 16, 2024

Unless you’re blissfully unaware of the UK’s current economic situation (which I’d be slightly jealous of), I’m sure you know there’s a cost of living crisis - which is only going to deepen later in the year as a recession looms. Here at Incredible, we’ve been sharing (and of course will continue to do so) money saving tips, updates in the news and all available options for you and your money; hopefully easing your lives during this difficult time. However, some of us might be lucky enough to be in a position to help others during this uncertain economic period, so we’ve written a quick blog on the best items to donate right now. 


Although the weather has been hot (might be too hot) over the past few months, this Winter is looking bleak with the imminent energy crisis. As bills soar, heating the house will become far less feasible for millions - and the already shocking number of homeless people in the UK will continue to rise. Therefore, warm clothing is a great option to donate if you’ve got any spare jumpers, coats, socks or thermals you no longer need! This also extends to sleeping bags, blankets and duvets.   


Whilst the majority of us think to donate canned and long-life food such as soup and beans, the shockingly sad reality is that the energy crisis means many won’t be able to afford to heat up this food. Therefore, food banks are requesting more items such as cereal, UHT milk, canned fruit, tinned fish and meat, squash and crisps / snacks. 


Toiletries are often forgotten when donating, however they are some of the most useful items charities can receive! Sanitary products, dental hygiene and deodorant are just a few options - but most products in this region are extremely handy. Donating baby items is also a great idea; including nappies, formula, food and lotion.  


Bedding and toys are among the list of great miscellaneous items to donate too, but even if you are unable to donate belongings; you can donate your time! Shelters, food banks and charities are always looking for volunteers - so if you’re not in the position to donate physical things, spending some time helping others is a wonderful way to spend your day; and can truly change someone’s life for the better. 

The majority of us are going to face the squeeze of the cost of living crisis, but some sadly more than others. If you have the ability to donate either some items or your time, you could make someone’s Winter a little less bleak.