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Introducing IncrediPay

Yaseen Rostom
June 4, 2024

IncrediPay: Automate Your Credit Card Repayments

For nearly half a century, the way we use credit cards has remained unchanged. Similarly, the process of paying credit card bills has seen little evolution: pay in full, pay minimum, or choose an amount that you’re comfortable with. This outdated system doesn’t consider what you can afford, what you should pay, or the optimal repayment strategy. Juggling multiple interest rates, due dates, and balances can feel overwhelming and often leads to paying too much in interest fees or late charges. IncrediPay simplifies this by consolidating your payments into one monthly payment, letting you pick your ideal payment date, and handling the rest… magically.

What is IncrediPay?

IncrediPay streamlines your credit card repayments into a single, manageable monthly payment. By taking into account your balances, interest rate and usage, we automate the repayment process in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, taking the hassle out of managing multiple credit card bills and saving you money on interest fees in the process.

How Does IncrediPay Work?

To use IncrediPay, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up for an account
  2. Connect Your Cards: Link all your credit cards to Incredible.
  3. Confirm your Information: Confirm some basic details about your accounts.
  4. Choose Your Monthly Amount: Select the monthly payment amount that suits your budget.

Once set up, IncrediPay consolidates your credit card payments and handles the rest, ensuring your repayments are made in the most cost efficient way possible.

No Credit Score Check Required

One of the key benefits of IncrediPay is that it does not require a credit score check. This feature is accessible to all users regardless of their credit history, making it an inclusive solution for managing credit card debt. IncrediPay isn’t a loan, it’s a payment tool. Your existing credit cards are being repaid and you’re still required to pay them.

A Consolidated Payment

IncrediPay offers a similar experience to a consolidation loan by combining all your credit card payments into one. This means you only need to focus on a single monthly payment, simplifying your financial management. Please note that IncrediPay isn't a loan, a line of credit or any other type of financial product. It is a tool that allows you to consolidate your payments only.

Can You Still Use Your Cards?

Absolutely! You can continue using your credit cards as usual. IncrediPay will adjust the payment amounts based on your usage and the monthly amount you’ve chosen. It ensures that your minimum payments are covered while sticking to your preferred budget - where possible.

Transparency and Control

Each month, before repayments are made, IncrediPay provides a detailed breakdown of the upcoming payment schedule. You have a window of time to review and adjust these payments to match your preferences, giving you full control over your finances.

We’ve built this to take the stress out of managing multiple credit card. By consolidating your repayments into one monthly payment and automating the process, you can enjoy peace of mind and financial freedom. Sign up today and experience the convenience of IncrediPay!

For more information and to get started with IncrediPay, visit our website or reach out to us via our in app support!