App Update

Roundups, Overpayments and Smoother Onboarding

Yaseen Rostom
January 16, 2024

It’s a ridiculously simple idea: Pay all your credit cards, in one app.

We’re delighted to share our latest update with you all. Incredible users have now have unprecedented methods of how they make payments to their cards.

Below we’ve highlighted what’s new:


Rounding up spare change to save for a rainy day or invest in the stock market has become as commonplace as contactless payments. What we haven’t seen before is rounding up spare change to pay down debt. You might be thinking “I only roundup £20/30 a month, how much can that actually save me” - well heres’s an example :

💡 Rounding up just £5 a week could save you ~£3,000 in interest and reduce your time in debt by 6 years!*

A small change but big impact. Much has been written about how micro actions or nudges overtime can have huge impact (more to come on this in another blog post) - but the act of making regular payments can really end up saving you £1000’s.

Navigate to the payments tab and start turn on Roundups. You will be asked to verify your information and connect your bank account and that’s it!

Once your roundups are deposited into your wallet, we analyse your credit cards to figure out where we should make payment(s) to based on how much you can save on interest. Sometimes this might be the card with the highest balance, or the highest interest rate. We do the boring math so you don’t need to worry. Payouts are made monthly and once issued, you’ll be notified and you’ll see which cards the payment has gone towards.

(Note, roundups are an overpayment and you should continue to make your existing repayments as you already are. ) add this to the bottom and current account access is limited)


We were surprised by how many members told us they made regular overpayments but it was more often than not! However, what we did learn is that knowing where to allocate extra funds you have left over at the end of the month isn’t simple. Which card should you prioritise, which saves you the most amount of money, when should you pay it.. we’ve removed all the hassle and you can now make single overpayments to your credit cards without needing to build any spreadsheets. Simply enter the amount you want to overpay and we’ll handle the rest. You won’t even need to enter any payment details!

Smoother onboarding

We’ve made it even simpler to take back control of your money. We’ve removed a few steps from onboarding (like invite codes) so that it’s even quicker for you start using the app. Whilst it served us well, it wasn’t the experience we wanted you to have. We primarily did this because we don’t yet have connections to all credit cards and wanted to limit the use to whose we knew we could support. If you have a credit card we don’t yet support, you can let us know in the settings page and we will prioritise our integrations accordingly.

We’ve also made updates to some of the notifications we send to make them sound more human, so you remember the app is built by humans (not robots - yet 😉). We’ve fixed a number of bugs and made some small design changes to make the experience slightly better.

*The example assumes you have a credit card balance of £2,100 with an interest rate of 21% and making minimum repayments. Rounding up £5 per week and paying the total towards your monthly credit card bill.