Deep Dive

Side Hustles

Emma Nunes-Vaz
January 16, 2024

Look, before I get into this blog, I feel I need to address the elephant in the room. The idea of working a ‘side hustle’ for many is as exhausting as it is dystopian; and if I’m being completely honest I agree with that mentality. The fact that vast numbers of people aren’t paid a wage that covers their basic needs and require an extra stream of income purely to keep their head above water is truly very sad, and a disheartening, yet realistic reflection of where we are as a society. 

For some, side hustles are a way to make enough money to pay off debts they’ve incurred, for others they’re how they afford a holiday each year - and for many they’re essential to put food on the table. For whatever reason people choose to partake in them, it’s awful that working a 9-5 (or more likely an 8-6) doesn’t pay enough to allow one to live a comfortable and enjoyable life; let alone one where they can afford basic necessities. It’s even more depressing that we have to use the fleeting free time we have to engage in these hustles, pushing the concept of ‘no days off’ to a whole new ugly extreme. Why is it we now feel lazy and unproductive when we have a relaxing day that doesn’t focus on bringing in an income? Time off isn’t only nice to have - it’s essential for our health; both mental and physical.


However, before I write a novel or two on my distaste for the current societal climate in regards to money and wealth (and a lot of other things too), let’s actually get on with the topic at hand.

In case you missed it, the concept of side hustles isn’t my favourite - however, they can be a life-line for those who do need an extra income. So, here’s a list of some ways to bring the cash in, through a range of different means and skills. Just remember - you’re not a failure or lazy if you don’t have one; you deserve time off and space to rest. 

  1. Participate in paid surveys. If you have a few spare minutes and need to make some money, there are websites that have links to numerous surveys you’re paid to complete, usually testing or reviewing brand’s products.
  2. Testing apps and websites. Some businesses ask their customers to test their sites in order to continually improve their services and fix any bugs - including us here at Incredible. Not only do we do the maths to help you pay off your borrowings automatically, faster and cheaper; we compensate some of our users to do so too. Here’s a link for anyone interested!
  3. Delivering food. If you need some extra money and have a form of transport, delivering food is a popular method used to increase savings. 
  4. Tutoring. Got some good knowledge of a school subject and need some cash? Tutoring is a particularly popular side hustle for many, and it can feel good knowing you’re helping someone too.
  5. Walking dogs and pet sitting. An obvious favourite of mine, if you need some extra change and love animals - this is the one for you. 
  6. Monetise your skill. I know this is a controversial one, as turning your hobby into a job can take the joy out of it for many, but if you’re interested and are good at writing, designing, transcribing, art, candle making etc - websites like Etsy make it simple to start making money out of your pastimes.   
  7. Give local tours. I don’t know about you, but this immediately makes me think of the episode of Peep Show where Mark attempts to become a historical walking guide. Anyway, If you’re interested, I’m sure you’d do a far better job than him - so ask your local tourist centre if they’re looking for anyone!

Is it slightly odd and hypocritical of me to note my disdain for side hustles before sharing a list of available options? Probably. However, we’re living in a world where we’ve had 3 prime ministers in less than 50 days, Elon Musk has bought Twitter and Kanye West ran for president - and actually received votes; among a million and one other global events that are currently occurring as I write this. The world is incredibly difficult to navigate; and for many, side hustles make their day-to-day lives just that bit easier - therefore I’m not one to gatekeep the information surrounding them, and how to use them to your advantage. So, side hustle also you like; make that money and try to live your best life - just please don’t be one of those people who pushes their normality, or shames those who choose not to partake in them.