The 'Don't Pay' campaign

Emma Nunes-Vaz
February 28, 2023

On the 1st of October, a nationwide 'don't pay' campaign is taking place in retaliation to the rising energy prices in the UK - which have now been frozen at £2,500 by new PM Liz Truss. We want to share the purpose of the movement whilst giving you an insight into what could happen if you don't pay your bills; however we aren't here to tell you whether to participate or not - that choice lies entirely with you👀

What is the campaign?

The campaign has been organised by a group founded in June 2022 called 'Don't Pay UK'. They based their idea on the 1990 anti-poll tax movement, where 17 million people refused to pay the poll tax introduced by then PM Margaret Thatcher. The campaign saw great success, and the poll tax was abolished following Thatcher’s resignation - hence the similar hopes for the current campaign to tackle the cost of living crisis. It has been reported that 1.7 million UK households will be participating in the pay strike, attempting to force the government into lowering the price cap, as well as introducing a windfall tax on the energy companies.  

What could happen if you don't pay?


Taking part in the campaign could result in energy companies refusing to supply the participating households for the month, or even worse, cutting them off in the future and refusing to do business with them altogether. Similarly, if people refuse to pay and their energy account goes into debt, debt collectors may report this; ultimately affecting those individuals' credit scores. A lowered credit score could lead to financial difficulties such as higher interest fees, greater difficulty obtaining a mortgage as well as taking out personal loans, and can even negatively affect job applications. It is important to remember that if you do choose to not pay, late payment fees and interest will still be added to the original bill. So, if you choose to join the strike, make sure you are in a comfortable financial position before October where you can cover these extra costs.

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