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Top 10 personal finance podcasts in the UK 

Lizzie Lynn
January 16, 2024

As with everything in the modern world, picking up tips and tricks to help with money management can now be done on the move! There are a plethora of informative and relatable podcasts out there to teach us about personal finance; so if you're hoping to make some positive changes to your financial habits, get some advice on how to battle the cost-of-living crisis, or just generally improve your dinner party chat when it comes to money matters - then look no further. Here are our top ten personal finance podcasts. Pop in your headphones and dive in… 

Ask Martin Lewis Podcast 

Perhaps the nation’s most trusted man when it comes to personal finance, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has joined forces with BBC Radio 5 Live to create the Ask Martin Lewis Podcast. The clue’s in the name: listeners ask Martin financial questions, and he answers them. If you don’t fancy trawling through his website, then this is a nice audio shortcut. 

The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Chartered financial planner Pete Matthew believes anyone can take control of their personal finances and get their money matters in order - with his simple, everyday language and easy-to-follow steps. And, crucially, not only things you need to know, but exactly what you need to do to tackle an issue and move forward. A practical podcast that proves financial management doesn’t need to be daunting!


Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

The Financial Times might seem like a paper for the already financially savvy; but their podcast Money Clinic “promises to tell you things you didn’t know about your finances and investing in ways that anyone can understand.” Financial journalist Claer Barrett tackles real-life money questions from millennial guests who are trying to stay afloat during the cost-of-living crisis, as well as offering practical tips from a range of FT writers and financial experts.

The Money Ed Podcast

Financial advice can be overwhelming and incomprehensible at times, but The Money Ed Podcast aims to tackle important topics – that really matter to teenagers, young adults and millennials – in an easy to listen to and informative way. From the university rental market to how to start a pension, the aim is to educate young people on how to take control of their capital. 

Money 101 

This BBC Sounds podcast is hosted by Bea Duncan, who’s on a mission to learn about money, clear up any confusion and hopefully get the answers to the questions we all have around matters of finance. It’s full of advice, tips and interviews with ordinary people (with ordinary money issues), making it real and relatable. 

The Which? Money Podcast

Which? reviews products and services, with an aim to help consumers make the canniest purchase decisions. Now their team of experts are tackling personal finance issues on a podcast, covering a range of topics from the best travel insurance providers to how to save money on your broadband, TV and phone contracts – and that ever inflating weekly food shop. 

Money Box 

Money Box is a BBC Radio 4 programme and podcast offering up the “latest news from the world of personal finance, plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.” The show tackles anything topical, from changes to National Insurance to how the Tory leadership race might affect our personal finances. Even better, there’s always a panel of informed guests to chew it all over. 

Money to the Masses 

Damien Fahy founded in a quest to provide consumers – who aren’t necessarily able to afford financial advice – with help and guidance. Now there’s a podcast too; with info, tips and tools covering a wide range of personal finance topics. 

In her Financial Shoes Podcast

One for the ladies, this personal finance podcast is hosted by the qualified financial planner and coach Catherine Morgan. Her aim is to instil financial confidence and a positive money mindset, as well as teach personal finance, budgeting, money management and investment strategies. If you have ambitions to rebrand as a “female entrepreneur” (#SlayQueen), then look no further. 

Smug Money Podcast 

If going green is your goal, then this is the personal finance podcast for you. It’s brought to you by the ethical money blog, Good With Money, and it aims to share “the most exciting developments in the Good Money world”; from “the latest sustainable investment trends” to the “greenest personal finance tips.” A great example includes their top five tricks for dodging greenwashing! Learn to look after your pocket and the planet at the same time.

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